EY Launches AmericaS Tax Innovation "Foundry"

19 April 2016

EY announced today the launch of its in-house Americas Tax Innovation Foundry, a new services and business accelerator within EY responsible for furthering the next generation of tax services EY firms offer clients. The group will be led by Chirag Patel, who recently joined Ernst & Young LLP along with a core team from Highnote Foundry...

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07 Jul 2015

Highnote Foundry announces a Leadership Council that will support Highnote Foundry in building new companies in transforming industries, such as healthcare, wealth management, media/entertainment, and education....

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The new R&D for media companies

12 Mar 2015

While media companies take a venturing approach in their core content business, they should double down by being bolder in technology venturing...
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The new frontier of Telemedicine is drug stores

4 Mar 2015

Modern medicine has seen some amazing technological advances. But a visit to the ER because of an ankle sprain still means filling out countless forms, waiting for hours and being charged exorbitant amounts. For that same ankle sprain, you can go to a CVS clinic, pay $80-$100 and be on your way with a bandaged ankle and a prescription in less than an hour. Clearly, improving the level of care provided is a business model challenge, not a technology one...
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Driverless Cars on the Rad to Fender Benders

8 Feb 2015

It’s only a matter of time before a driverless car gets into a fender bender. A driverless car probably won’t cause the accident, but as soon as that first incident occurs, the ensuing insurance claim and potential lawsuit will create ripples across multiple industries...
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Will 2015 Deliver the Promise of Telemedicine?

28 Dec 2014

2014 was a big year for telemedicine with the proliferation of wearable devices and providers starting to embrace seeing patients through video chat. There are several indicators that 2015 will be the year that telemedicine really takes off, but what needs to happen for the promise of telemedicine to be realized?...
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Engaging entrepreneurs in successful venturing

16 Dec 2014

Most entrepreneurs and start ups would rather not interact with large corporations unless it is an absolute requirement for success. It is not that entrepreneurs dislike large corporations, rather they simply do not have the time, resources, patience or money to spend on engaging companies simply to explore the possibilities or try to structure a strategic partnership. Despite this, large corporations are uniquely advantaged in attracting and engaging the external entrepreneur...
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Making the board case for corporate venturing

8 Dec 2014

In the blink of an eye, entrepreneurs are turning their ideas into billion-dollar businesses – disrupting entire industries and creating new ones. So how do established companies keep up with and respond to this environment? The key lies in applying a new strategic approach to identifying and nurturing growth opportunities and uniting stakeholders around making growth a core part of their business...
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